Heikki Lahti

Heikki Lahti

European Patent Attorney - IPR Counsel - M.Sc.

Espoo, Finland

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His background

  • Today
    February 2006

    European Patent Attorney - IPR Counsel - M.Sc. -

    Heikki Lahti - Patentia

  • Today
    February 2006
    September 1992

    IPR Counsel

    Gulftor Ltd

  • Today
    December 2005
    June 1985

    Patent and Trademark Attorney

    Padet Gulftor Ltd

  • Today
    May 2003
    February 1999

    Patent and Trademark Attorney

    Forssen & Salomaa Oy

  • Today
    January 1999
    August 1998

    chief patent engineer

    +5000 employees

  • Today
    July 1998
    April 1994

    executive IPR officer

    +5000 employees

  • Today
    July 1994
    September 1992


    Convenor Oy

  • Today
    June 1985
    August 1982

    patent Attorney


  • Today
    August 1982
    August 1981


    FI Patent and Registrations Office

  • Today
    April 1981
    January 1979

    reklamations officer, computers software developer

    Volvo Auto Oy

  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)

    Energy technology and Industrial Management

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His skills

  • Patent
  • Trademark

His hobbies

Motor Sport Slalom Tennis Hiking

About him

Patent Attorney, Trademark Agent, IPR Counsel, M.Sc.

Prosessional Representative EPO (EP Patents) and OHIM (EU trademarks and designs) with professional experience of over 25 years. Thus, well experienced in the fields Intellectual Prpoperty Rights and related IPR matters, incl. license negotations and assisting contract drafting.

Patent Prosecution
Trademark Prosecution
Intellectual Asset Management
Intellectual Property Strategy
Patent Strategy
Intellectual Property Valuation
Intangible Assets
Intellectual Capital
Client Counseling
Patent Portfolio Management
Intellectual Property
Contract Negotiation
Patent preparation
Patent Drafting
Patent Analysis

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